Company Goals

Ballmiras AG was founded on the 23rd of October 2008 in Switzerland. Seat of the company is 4052 Basel, Angensteinerstrasse 21.

Goals of Ballmiras AG are: Equity Investments, Media Services, Trading in Licenses and Concessions, Fiduciary Activities, Trading and Marketing of Investments and Property Rights particularly on the field of Sports Events, Production and Organisation of Events and Performances, Consulting Services, Commercialisation of Artists, Athletes and other Personalities, Production of Television Programs in the Entertainment, Documentary and Sports genre and Multimedia Realisation.

Ballmiras AG currently owns 100 % of Ballmiras Event Ltd. Hungary and Ballmiras Monte DOO in Montenegro. They are specialising in developing creative new marketing concepts and financing models for the international sports market, PR and sports management focused on football and show business and the Organisation and managing of exclusive events series worldwide. The two Companies holds the operational management functions within Ballmiras group.

Ballmiras AG is General Partner of Ballmiras AG & Co Sporteventfonds KG, Germany, the financial platform for the unique international football gala event series BrazilMasters.94.02 .

90 % of the shares of the Ballmiras AG are owned by UMP AG Suisse (1990), 10 % of the shares are in private hands.